August 2015 - Yountville sun - turn the Beat Around

The VOENA Children’s Choir of Napa performs last Friday evening in the Yountville Community Center in celebration of the Town of Yountville’s 50th anniversary in incorporation.  The young performers sang and danced to an original song -- “Song of Yountville” (watch performance)

Recent Media

May 2012 - Daily Republic - VOENA uses its Big 3 to transform children’s lives..

How integral is music in the life of VOENA children’s choir founder and director Annabelle Marie? Well, she even sings the voicemail message on her cell phone.  Marie finds that describing VOENA as a “children’s choir” does not fully encapsulate the movement, scope, flavor, or soul of the Benicia-based group.  Marie’s...   (Read more)

JUNe 2012 - ROCKSHOT UK - Rock Show: VOENA & Mediaeval Baebes

Thursday 26th July sees a very special treat in store for fans of musical collaborations:  the classical chart topping UK group the Mediaeval Baebes will be teaming up with the amazing American children’s choir VOENA to create a one of a kind musical experience not to be missed. Founded in... 

JUNe 2012 - CBS San Francisco - Children’s Choir To Perform At London Olympics

A group of Bay Area children will be heading to the London Summer Olympics this summer—not for athletic competition, but for vocal performances.

Members of the Benicia-based children’s choir Voices of Eve ‘N Angels, better known as VOENA, will sing at the passing of the torch in London next month...   (Read more)

July 2012 - Huffington Post - VOENA Children’s Choir to Perform at Olympic....

Scott Gault and Kristin Hedstrom aren't the only Bay Area natives gearing up for a performance in the London Olympics this summer. In fact, 55 children from Benicia are preparing themselves for their own time in the international spotlight.

Benicia's VOENA (Voices of Eve 'N' Angels) Children's Choir is set to perform at the passing of the torch in London next...   (Read more)

JUly 2012 - Benicia Herald - Next stop, London

VOENA has launched its last fundraising effort ahead of the choir’s trip to London for the Summer Olympics. The online auction, through Bidding For Good, will run through July 22.

VOENA — Voices of Eve N’ Angels, the Benicia-based choir that has... 

July 2012 - BAM Magazine - Bay Area Music Group Invited to Sing at the....

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are right around the corner, and I was very excited to learn that a Bay Area music group has been invited to journey to the U.K. and perform at one of the most prestigious events at the games...

July 2012 - Huffington Post - Youth Choir Inspires and Connects Worldwide....

How appropriate that this year's Olympic theme is "Inspire a Generation" and that Go Inspire Go is on the go at the Olympics with the youth choir VOENA, which will leave you on a high note.   (Read more)

July 2012 - SF Chronicle - Kids’ Choir to perform at Olympics....

The choir was started as a way for a mom in Benicia to keep her three sons busy.

Nearly two decades later, the choir, which began with 12 children, now has 140 kids, ages 5 to 18, who will perform at the...   (Read more)

July 2012 - NBC - VOENA Children’s Choir Heads to London to....

Members of Benicia's VOENA Children's Choir headed to the airport tuesday
morning to fly to London, where they will sing at the passing of the
torch for the 2012 Olympic Games...   (
Read more)

Dec 2012 - Benicia Patch - Robert Semple Elementary Embraces VOENA....

A grant from Syar Foundation helps to bring more music to students. 

Since October, students in the first through fifth grades at Robert Semple Elementary have been treated to the magic of singing.  Annabelle Marie, Founder and Director of VOENA has been meeting two full days a month with each grade level...  (Read More)

MAR 2013 - Napa valley Register - Community connection flourishes at....

VOENA, a regional children’s choir, rehearses at the Opera House every Monday at 4 p.m. Director Annabelle Marie credits the venue with putting a signature stamp on the group’s most popular performance of the year...  (Read More)

Jul 2013 - Times Herald - VOENA gets treated to Southern Hospitality

These wild, crazy, arm-waving, strange-language speaking, diverse cultured California kids. If they're not careful, why, they might just be invited back to the Crossroads Children's Chorus Festival.

And that makes Annabelle Marie one tickled choir director...  (Read More)

DEC 2013 - Local Happenings - Voices of VOENA

Annabelle’s success in leading VOENA has not come from selecting only the most naturally gifted singers. Instead, the truth is that no one is ever denied a chance to sing in this choir. While maintaining a strict policy of no auditions, VOENA has gained the admiration and applause of audiences worldwide. (Read More)

May 2014 - Benicia Herald - VOENA marks 20th Anniversary in Style

Almost every one of the more than 30 songs in the “Voices” program features solo performances, which is good for the students and even better for the audience. Marie evokes magical sounds from the combined choir, and it is exciting to see, one voice at a time, glimpses of how it all originates. (Read More)

DEC 2014 - Benicia magazine - Annabelle marie, VOENA’s director

When Annabelle Marie homeschooled her three boys, they traveled each day to San Francisco for circus school. When her oldest son Francisco Cruz was about seven years old, he fell from a pole while doing a monkey hold with three other children, and it terrified him. He refused to go back to class, but for Annabelle, quitting... (Read More)

May 2015 - Daily Republic - Music, Motivation key aspects of VOENA choir

“I was so touched and impressed with this wonderful group of children when I first saw them, having no idea that they had performed at the White House four or five times already,” he said.

Trager praised Marie, saying what she’s accomplished is extraordinary... (Read More)

Dec 2015 - Napa valley Register - A Full Plate This Weekend

For those who have not experienced a VOENA performance, this is not a “proper” stat-at-attention, white shirt, black slacks chorale. There is movement and colorful adornment and instrumental accompaniment and celebration.  Standing ovations have become routine, and they are well-earned...  (Read More)

Dec 2015 - Sonoma Family Life Magazine

If the idea of going to see a group of kids singing makes you yawn, then you may be surprised by the vocal acumen and drama of a VOENA production.  The no-audition, Benicia-based children’s choir is trained by director Annabelle Marie in advanced vocal techniques to create  costumed performances with a world-music flair. See the group...

July 2012 - KQED News - Benicia Children’s choir to perform at the olympics

Voena, a children's choir from Benicia, is preparing to perform at the London Olympics later this month. The name stands for Voices of Eve 'N' Angels.  

The children, aged 5 to 18, will sing in multiple languages at the Olympics -- including Japanese, Chinese, Swahili, Zulu and Gaelic... (Read More)

JUN 2016 - TIMES-HERALD - VOENA Italy-bound for two weeks

It’s roughly 6,600 miles from the Bay Area to Siracusa, Italy, which makes for a long plane ride.

No problem. Annabelle Marie figured out how to ease the pain for her VOENA children’s choir members, who have never made the 11-hour flight...  (Read More)

Sep 2016 - Benicia Magazine - Three Unsung Heroes Bring music Back

Abundant research proves that music has a profound impact in education. Music study stimulates both the creative and technical sides of the brain, increases confidence, improves behavior, enhances literacy, boosts academic success and attendance rates, inspires joy, and builds school morale. Gratefully, our district is ...  (Read More)

JAN 2017 - NAPA VALLEY REGISTER - Ladysmith Black Mambazo and VOENA...

Later that evening, the local vocal group VOENA, led by director Annabelle Marie, performed several numbers from their repertoire of African songs to open the Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert.  VOENA has previously performed with the group, and appeared at South Africa’s Soweto Festival ...  (Read More)

JUL 2017 - Benicia Herald - voena to head to Carnegie Hall...

There is a famous joke involving a pedestrian on 57th Street in New York City who sees a musician exiting a cab. He asks the artist “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The musician’s response? “Practice, practice, practice.”

For as much as this joke has been told, there is truth to it. ...  (Read More)

Sep 2017 - Benicia Magazine - A dream comes true for voena to perform at..

It’s been said that every singer’s dream is to perform at Carnegie Hall. Seventeen young singers in VOENA Children’s Choir will have that dream come true when they take to the stage of the celebrated New York City music hall this spring. Choir director Annabelle Marie often ended performance seasons with the words ...  (Read More)

JAN 2018 - NAPA VALLEY REGISTER - Sending VOENA to carnegie hall...

For the second time in its history, VOENA, the North Bay’s extraordinary children’s choir, is headed to Carnegie Hall. A benefit concert on Jan. 21 at the Napa Valley Opera House will raise money in support of the April trip. Performers at the benefit will include VOENA, Jeff Campitelli, Peppino D’Agostino, Carlos Reyes, ...  (Read More)

APR 2018 - TIMES-HERALD - VOENA sending 17 vocalists to Carnegie Hall

VOENA received the invitation “because of the quality and high level of musicianship demonstrated by the singers as well as the exception quality of their audition recording,” said Dr. Jonathan Griffith, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor for Distinguished Concerts International New York.  (Read More)

APR 2018 - Benicia Herald - voena shines at Carnegie Hall...

Not everyone can say “I got to perform at Carnegie Hall,” but then again, not everyone is a current member of Voices of Eve ’N’ Angels (VOENA). Seventeen members of the Benicia-based youth choral group received the experience of a lifetime Sunday when they got to perform at the iconic New York City concert hall alongside other...  (Read More)